Walkers School of Motoring is Ordit Registered.

Why train the Walkers way?

At Walkers your training begins the day you walk through our doors. No matter who you are we're always happy to give all the information you need on all aspects of the training process in person or over the phone. From the day you join the Walkers family, we promise to guide you through out the entire process and support you from start to finish.

With Walkers in partnership with Tony Phillips the training available is flexible and tailored around your individual needs. So if you're currently employed, need help with financing or unsure about what your future holds then have a word with our advisors, as there are solutions for you.

At the Walkers instructor training centre, training is professional, relevant and at an industry leading standard thanks to our partnership with head of training Tony Phillips.

Tony Phillips is one of the leading in his field of driver and instructor training with over 15 years experience. Tony has successfully trained hundreds of driving instructors and is ORDIT registered at Walkers School of Motoring. He also holds 3 gold ROSPA awards and is a regular columnist for the MSA. 


Training to become a driving instructor involves many things however two of the greatest requirements are motivation and self-discipline. Once the training has commenced many trainees find that especially when it gets to the third section – instructional training – there is a great deal to learn. 


Most of us have studied theoretical subjects in school and therefore studying for the Part 1 Theory test itself isn’t too alien; and if any of the trainees have played computer games, getting used to the Hazard Perception test isn’t too much of an issue either.

All trainees would have taken and passed a driving test and even if this was from another country where they have exchanged to a UK driving licence, driving tests by their very nature are similar in most countries. Therefore here again the Part 2 driving test isn’t an alien concept.

The third part, the Part 3 instructional test however, does seem very alien. There aren’t that many people, even with an educational background that have taught someone to drive while travelling at speeds of up to 70 mph after all! 

The traditional method of driving instructor training is to have one or two trainees in a car with a trainer, and because of the amount of knowledge that needs to be imparted for the Part 3, a great deal of the time in the car is used up sitting by the road side and discussing various elements of training. Interestingly, the most expensive cost of driving instructor training is the trainer himself; much more so even than the cost of the car. Therefore, if the time with the driving instructor trainer could either be reduced or shared with more trainees but remain just as effective, the overall cost of the course can be reduced and at the same time maintain high educational standards.

Tony’s qualities lie not only in his qualifications, which go to prove his high standards, but also in his ability to help people to become more self-reliant and confident in their own abilities. This is the secret of his customers’ success.

Tony passes on this success, and of course the saving to his customers and that’s how he can offer a top quality full driving instructor training course for less than a thousand pounds. Contact Tony as soon as possible in order to get your career moving.

 With the support and service of Walkers combined with the expertise and experience of Tony Phillips you can rest assured that successfully qualifying is almost guaranteed. You can also be secure in the knowledge that your course will be professionally conducted at the highest standards